c5Lab team gets together for a day of sharing and socializing

On November 27, the c5Lab team gathered to take part in a face-to-face edition of the "Talks Out Lab" initiative, which took place at the collaborative lab's office

During the morning, researchers Daniela Spataru, Henrique Sousa, Mahboobeh Attaei, Raquel Lopes, Miguel Monteiro, David Bastos, Ricardo Gomes, Tiago Ribeiro and Francisco Capucha presented their new projects to their colleagues.

The area coordinators, José Condeço and João Nuno Pacheco gave a summary of the projects in the areas they don't coordinate, providing an informal moment of sharing and good cheer.

In the afternoon, there was a team-building dynamic that promoted team spirit and helped to further elevate the research work carried out by the collaborative laboratory.